Disciples Of Verity

About – Disciples of Verity is a metal band collaboration featuring heavy-hitters as Corey Glover (Living Colour), Corey Pierce (God Forbid) & George Pond (Negative Sky) from NJ that started in 2019. The debut album comes out in early 2020 and has many guest appearances featured on the album.

Interview with Corey Pierce ( Ex- God Forbid ) from Disciples Of Verity below.

Interview at the Somerset Diner in Somerset, NJ on 11/30/19.

Extra interview with Disciples Of Verity on the meaning of the band on my patreon.

Disciples Of Verity music below.

Raven Black

About – Raven Black is a dark metal carnival band from Los Angeles, CA that started in 2012

Interview with Raven Black below

Interview at Sony Hall in NYC on 11/24/19

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Raven Black music below


About – Static-X is an industrial metal band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 1994.

Original Static-X members Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda and Ken Jay have reunited Static-X and plan to release the new album Project Regeneration in 2020 which will feature unreleased tracks with Wayne Static’s Vocals.

Interview with Tony Campos from Static-X below

Interview at Sony Hall in NYC on 11/24/19

Interview published on blabbermouth

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Static-X music below


About – Autopilot is a Canadian alternative rock band from Saskatoon. They have built up a large following in the US and are constantly touring and making new music.

New interview with Autopilot below

Interview at The Clubhouse in Toms River, NJ on 11/21/19

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Interview with Autopilot below

Interview at EJ’s Tap House in Seaside Heights, NJ on 05/17/19

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Autopilot music below