The Entertainment Begins!

I’m here with KJAG radio to give you the latest news on your favorite bands and help you discover new music by doing video interviews with the artists themselves. These interviews will not only help you learn about the bands but also give you the facts directly from them.

On this site you’ll find a variety of music styles and a mix of both well known and underground bands. There are so many amazing bands that don’t get the recognition they deserve and this is a site to help them get noticed.  

KJAG radio is a successful radio station created in 2000 by James Lowe ( Jiggy Jaguar ) in Hutchinson Kansas. James has done hundreds of interviews over the years with some of the top names in the entertainment world and has also helped many underground and local artists get recognized.

In 2017 I joined the station as a photographer and also became an in studio radio host on the Sunday radio show in Hutchinson Kansas. In the summer of 2018 I moved to New Jersey to be relocated to my home area and have more entertainment opportunities in the northeast and I started my own interview website here.

In March of 2020 due to the coronavirus quarantine I became unable to do in-person interviews and decided to continue the channel by doing the interviews on skype.

James Lowe continues to host KJAG radio in the midwest in Hutchinson Kansas while I have created this interview website to bring KJAG to the northeast.

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