Halo’s Eve

About – Halo’s Eve is a darkwave project from France.

Interview with Halo’s Eve below

Interview on skype on 06/14/21

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Halo’s Eve music below


About – IMMERSER is a hard rock solo project by John Logan Parsons III.

IMMERSER interview below

Interview on skype on 05/28/21

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IMMERSER music below

Jon Binnie

About – Jon Binnie is a rock artist from the UK that writes a new song everyday through meditation to raise the love vibrations of billions of hearts.

Interview with Jon Binnie below

Interview on skype on 05/19/21

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Jon Binnie music below

Twin Tribes

About – Twin Tribes is a darkwave post-punk band from Brownsville, Texas. They formed the band in the summer of 2017 and released their debut album Shadows in January 2018.

Interview with Twin Tribes below

Interview on skype on 05/01/21

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Interview with Twin Tribes below

Interview at Ortlieb’s Lounge in Philadelphia, PA on 12/28/19

Interview with Twin Tribes below at their first ever NYC show!

Interview at Mercury Lounge during The Red Party in New York City on 12/08/18

Twin Tribes music below