Epic Exploration

Exploring unique and abandoned places across the United States – Epic Exploration

Special edition crossover videos of Discoveringbands / Epic Explorations featuring bands

Abbey Death – Hiking & exploring the Van Slyke Castle Ruins

The Antoine Poncelet Band – Abandoned Shopping Center exploration

Cyborg Amok – Abandoned Nazareth Speedway exploration

genCAB – Exploring the ruins of Concrete City

Malice Machine – Satan’s House

Night Terror – Abandoned Fort Armistead exploration

Night Terror – Old Town Mall – Abandoned streets in Baltimore

THISTLE – Exploring abandoned greenhouses

THISTLE – Abandoned mansion exploration

Xentrifuge – A Paranormal Story

Xentrifuge – A Paranormal Story ( Part 2 )

Xentrifuge ( Lisa Hellen ) – Abandoned Pizzeria with everything left behind

Xentrifuge ( Lisa Hellen ) – Abandoned school with weird noises

Xentrifuge ( Lisa Hellen / Music by Chis X – Massive abandoned packaging plant 

Original music from bands for exploring videos

Bent Self – Creepy abandoned mansion exploration at night

Cyborg Amok – Abandoned Inn of the Dove romantic hotel

<Hematauz> – Abandoned college exploration at night

<Hematauz> – Exploring Centralia “The Real Silent Hill”

John Ruszin III – Abandoned Summer Camp

Panic Lift – Creepy abandoned hospital night exploration 

SPANKTHENUN – Bizarre experience during an abandoned factory exploration

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